Build Your Own Army of Affiliates!

Once you’ve created a product, you can set up an affiliate program for them. An affiliate program is an unbeatable source of free,
highly targeted traffic because even though you pay affiliates a percentage commission on sales they send you, you only pay for
performing traffic. If the visitor doesn’t buy, you don’t pay anything.

Affiliates Bring New Customers

Even though you don’t make as much on each sale through an affiliate, you’re paying commissions on sales that you probably would not have made without the affiliate. Affiliates often reach prospects
that you wouldn’t have.

Remember, the real money is really in the back-end, and that’s definitely so with affiliate programs. After the customer makes that first purchase, they should be captured in one of your autoresponder sequences. Then you’re able to offer them other products and services.

Here are a few places that you can quickly and easily set up affiliate programs:




If you don’t have a product of your own, it’s fairly easy to create one.
Just set aside a few days or even weeks and create one from a product that you have private label rights to. You can turn it into a product of your own by following these steps:

1) Rename the product
2) Rewrite or revise the product
3) Create or have some new graphics designed
4) Write a webpage (Often a webpage is included, and all you have to do is modify the text.)

That may not look so easy to you if you’ve never done it before, and I understand completely. That’s why I’m going to show you the very best way to learn how to turn a private label product into your own original product. You must find Liz Tomey. Liz is the quintessential expert on creating your own products from PLR products.

If you go to my “sister” site, you will be able to learn more about her great workshops and her awesome products!

Once you have your product created, and your affiliate program set up, you can launch it through these methods:

  • Joint Ventures
  • Posting Specials In Online Communities
  • Using Articles And Ebooks To Sell The Need For The Product
  • Running A Sale
  • Directly locating and recruiting active affiliates. (Search for your target keywords in the search engines, and notice which affiliates rank at the top.)

Invite Customers to be Affiliates

To grow your affiliate program, in many niches, you can invite your current customers to become affiliates. I do this by adding a message to my autoresponder sequence explaining that they can make money reselling the product that they recently bought from me.

What better affiliate than a satisfied customer with lots of contacts
interested in the same niche?
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