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Article Marketing

The internet is primarily about information. Most people come online looking for answers to questions and solutions to their problems.

If they’re looking for something to purchase, they come online to do research before making a choice.

That’s where article marketing comes into play. You want to write articles that help solve their problem – especially if you have a product to sell that solves a particular problem you know people have.

Article WritingOne of the best designs for your article is to follow basic copywriting rules. An often suggested formula is the “Problem, Agitate, Solution” formula, which goes like this:

1) First, you describe a problem

2) Then you point out in excruciating detail how your reader
is going to suffer unless he does something about it.

3) Next you point out that your product is the perfect solution.

4) And finally, you put in a call to action – actually telling them to visit your website. This step is usually done in your resource box, NOT in the body of the article. That’s because most article directories frown on articles that are nothing more than a “sales page”.

Naturally, it’s best to write about you’re area of expertise, but it’s also perfectly accepted to use “Private Label Rights” articles or outsource the article to another writer.

A great source for PLR articles to use in your Article Marketing is:

Your goal is to get your articles on other people’s websites, in their ezines, on their blogs, article directories, etc. That’s how you get your website in front of other people’s traffic.

Now you have to get your articles distributed widely. It can be a long and tedious task to submit them manually to very many article directories, so a lot of submission services have cropped up that will submit them for you.

You will have to register at the directories one time, which is worth it in the long run, because then the service you pick can get your articles out quickly. Plus, most marketers are too lazy to go to the trouble to register at a lot of directories, and you will have an advantage

Here’s one Article Marketing service we recommend:  SubmitYourArticle

Another alternative is to purchase a software program that submits them for you. We have a free one you can have until you can afford a more robust one, or a professional service.

AutoArticle Assistant

And finally,  for the first time ever, there’s a system that combines the power of article submissions with the benefits of unique content – putting article marketing on “steroids”!  And it does it in a way that is simplicity itself to use.  You can learn all about it here , or by clicking the banner below.

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