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Use An Autoresponder To Bring
Customers Back

This tactic goes hand-in-hand with the previous discussion about using email. It would be impossible to overstate how important this is to your business and success.

It’s amazing, but a lot of marketers will set up an autoresponder to send a download message after a product purchase, or to provide some requested information, and that’s the end – their autoresponder sequence consists of ONLY one or two very LONELY messages.

When you sell a customer a product, you may only have that one contact and that one purchase with them unless you use your autoresponder wisely. You should add messages to your autoresponder sequence to:

1)  Confirm that they got the product

2)  Teach them how to get the most out of their purchase… perhaps pointing out a hidden feature or other benefits

3)  Recommend related products or services

4)  Let them know of free upgrades or updates to a product. Your customers may be pleasantly surprised when you send them a free update to an ebook or piece of software because other marketers rarely do this.

5)  Let them know about your affiliate program and the opportunity to earn some money by telling their friends and associates how great your product is.

You get the idea!

What makes Autoresponders such a great tool to have in your arsenal of marketing tools?

* Autoresponders don’t sleep. They send your information out 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

* Autoresponders don’t care if you are online or if you’re away from the computer. Once a prospect has requested your information, your emails get sent automatically.

* Autoresponders don’t take breaks.

* Autoresponders don’t forget.

* Autoresponders don’t ask for a raise.

* Autoresponders don’t ask for vacations.

* Autoresponders just WORK!

Use Autoresponders combined with your effective promotions to build your lists. Then market to that list over and over again!

It’s a given that you MUST use an Autoresponder service if you’re serious about marketing online or offline. Therefore, I am going to make a recommendation here. My favorite Autoresponder service, and the one I highly recommend is AWeber. Watch the short video below and check them out right now.

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