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Forums Are Still Alive

Before there was such a thing as MySpace (the first big social media site) or Facebook, there were the Internet forums, or in archaic terms – the “chat room” or the bulletin board system.

Forums brought people together who shared very specific interests, or niches,long before there were universal networks like Facebook that connected everybody together.

Well, guess what? They haven’t gone out of style. If you do a little research, you’ll see that there are forums out there dedicated to almost any subject you can think of.

Here’s a few forums in specific niches:

German Shepherd Owners

Gardening in the Rocky Mountains

Bass Fishing

Forums can be a goldmine for targeted traffic, if you participate properly…

When you join a forum, the first thing you want to do is join in a
discussion that interests you, and either give an honest answer,
or maybe ask a good question. No matter what, DO NOT even
mention anything you’re selling! You don’t want to be marked
as a spammer.

Your goal is to contribute to the conversation by offering free,
high quality content, tools and resources to your audience.
If done correctly, you’ll quickly develop a positive presence within
the forums and people will appreciate that, and begin to address you personally.

If you’re going to be successful in a forum, you MUST give first!

Nearly all forums offer the opportunity to create a profile that includes your URL, a short bio and personal information such as your name, email address and in many cases, your social media accounts (like twitter or facebook).

Forums also offer you another way to maximize exposure through what is called a “signature”. A signature may includea few lines of text and a direct URL, and is attached to every post you make. Many forums allow only one URL, but some allow multiple URL’s as long as your signature does not exceed a certain length of characters.

You want to include a direct URL to your very best content page. Do not link directly to a sales page, but instead, provide a direct link from the forum to a page on your website that offers something of value. This could be a page on your blog that provides direct download links to free products, tools and resources, or it could be a link to a squeeze page that offers a valuable incentive in exchange for their subscription.