YouTube Is a Great Source of Free Traffic!

YouTube has been growing and growing and has become the biggest “search engine” on the internet. How do you take advantage of that to get traffic to your website? Keep reading and I’ll show you…

How I Used YouTube to Drive Tons of Traffic to My Business

About a year ago I was participating in an online business that required me to recruit others into the business in order to increase my income. The company provided a replicated website for me to drive traffic to, but it was not designed to get visitors to actually join, or take any kind of action. Big mistake!

So I set up my own squeeze page with one objective – to get people to give me their name and email address to join my business at the free trial level. Now, all I had to do was figure out how to get people to visit the squeeze page. Enter, YouTube.

After attending a webinar that demonstrated this technique, I decided to make a video and upload it to YouTube. Here’s a quick step by step outline of what I did next:

  1. Copied all the text from the replicated website’s “How The Business Works” page.
  2. Designed a colorful slide in Open Office Impress – including the link to my squeeze page
  3. Made a slide for each paragraph of the text
  4. Converted the slides into a video with Windows Movie Maker
  5. Uploaded the video to YouTube
  6. Entered the full text into the description for the video Рmaking sure the link to my squeeze page was included

YouTube VideoThat’s it. Because the business itself was well known, there were a lot of searches conducted by people wanting to know more about it. My video would appear at or near the top of every search result!

Using YouTube for Traffic Is Simple and Extremely Effective

During the next 60 days, that “boring ” video received over 24,000 views and 104 people registered for the free trial. 8 of those upgraded to a paid level. Not too shabby!

Why did this work so well? The key lies in the description of the YouTube video. Most people just put a sentence or two Рif anything at all. My description told Google exactly what the video was about and included the keywords. Google likes videos, so they loved displaying  it in the SERPS.


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